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Brief Introduction to Shougang Talent Development Institute (Shougang Party School)

Release Time:2022-07-07 10:20:07

In March 2016, the Talent Development Institute was formally established. In November 2017, it carried out two-step institutional integration, implemented the integrated management of “one institution and four brands” among the Talent Development Institute, Party School, Engineering Institute and Technician Institute, and established an organizational system with the unified internal training of enterprise and social education management, complementary advantages and efficient operation. In recent years, the Shougang Group’s talent development system and training system have been gradually improved, and its supporting capacity for talent development has been continuously enhanced.

During the “13th Five-year Plan” period, the Talent Development Institute completed a total of 347 training programs with 131,011 person-times, and was awarded the title of “Advanced Unit of Education and Training in the Iron and Steel Industry - Most Influential Education and Training Institution” by the China Iron and Steel Association for two consecutive years.

I.Establishment of Training System

The “Two Levels and Six Categories” Training Program System of Shougang covers three talent teams throughout the various levels of the Group and its secondary units, and contains the six categories of high-end training, high-potential development, Party building and Party affairs, business promotion, continuing education and post ability improvement. The system was established with a focus on the core goals of supporting the Group’s strategy implementation, business promotion and talent cultivation on the basis of the functional orientation of “Serving Shougang, Facing the High End, Prioritizing Capability and Radiating to All Employees”.

II.Training of Key Talents

Training of Party building. The training of the Party Secretary (Chairman), Grass-roots Party Secretary, Party branch secretaries and other personnel of the Party-Mass system of units under the direct management of the Group involves training method innovation, the structural discussion of “questions and answers”, scenario simulation of practical operation and training, on-the-spot teaching of Party spirit education, investigation and study of advanced enterprises, micro-courses on factory history integrated with text, images, video, etc. By focusing on boosting the systematization of Party building training, the training mode is combined with the Group’s demonstration training and units’ separate organization, centralized training and self-study, offline face-to-face teaching and online learning.

Training of leading personnel. Shougang carries out training for its young and middle-aged leading personnel, special and overseas training for young leading personnel, and an online learning program for leading personnel. By paying attention to the echelon construction of leading personnel in the L6/L7 ranks, 290 young leading personnel and 68 international operation management personnel have been trained, and the normalization mechanism of training, deploying, tracking and evaluating young leading personnel has been formed. “Innovation and Practice of Training Young Leading Personnel in Large State-owned Enterprises” won the second prize of the “Beijing Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievements” and first prize of the “20th Shougang Management Innovation Achievements”.

Training of professional talents. By focusing on the development of key talents, capacity building of the strategic management and control departments, and improvement of the business management level, the business promotion training programs are carried out, including investment decision management, risk control system construction and information management. To focus on the development of key scientific and technological innovation talents, three training courses have been held for three consecutive years, 29 outstanding projects have been formed and 154 young technical backbones have been trained. Aiming at the quality improvement of all employees, the continuing education of professional and technical personnel has been organized and conducted by class, 88 units of the Group have been covered and the average annual training has exceeded 10,000 person-times.

Training of skilled talents. The skilled personnel team construction organizational system of “seven levels, three competitions and one room” and the supporting system of “five pools” including teachers, courses, methods, cases and achievements are fully established. Based on the competence model standard of high-skilled talents in Shougang, study and training for the innovation capability development of “Shougang craftsmen” are carried out innovatively in order to cultivate craftsmen for Shougang. With general ability enhancement as the focus, the mode of “centralized discussion + benchmarking exchange + service guidance” has been adopted, and training for key skilled personnel has been held for five consecutive years. Since the vocational skills competition was widely organized, 91 technical experts above the municipal level and 221 technical experts at the Group level have been discovered for the Group.

III.Training of Capacity Building

Training resource construction. A pool of more than 300 internal and external full-time and part-time teachers has been assembled to hold the internal trainer empowerment training class every year; the contest “I am a good lecturer at Shougang” is held to discover outstanding internal trainers and excellent curricula; the “2021 Shougang Micro Class Contest” was held to boost the development of experience extraction and knowledge precipitation for secondary units, and explore the path of knowledge sharing system construction. Twenty-nine characteristic courses including “Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”, “History and Spirit of Shougang” and “Concept and Process of Active Learning” have been developed independently; and high-quality external education and training resources have been expanded by collaboration with the School of Continuing Education at Tsinghua University, School of Continuing Education at the University of Science and Technology Beijing, etc.

Talent assessment capacity construction. Twenty advanced online assessment tools in the industry including the “Big Five Occupational Personality Assessment” have been introduced, exclusive online assessment tools have been developed independently for Shougang, and five offline assessment tools including the “Situational Challenge” have been developed. Assessment services have been offered for key classes, talent introduction of grassroots units, talent review, campus recruitment and social recruitment, achieving a talent assessment accuracy score of over 0.85. Assessors have been organized to cultivate 56 part-time talent assessors, creating a foundation of professional talents for the application of assessment technology in secondary units.

Online learning platform construction. To address the contradiction between work and study, the training of all employees across regions and the actual needs of cost reduction and efficiency improvement have been solved in Shougang’s transformation and development; the online learning platform has been upgraded in order to satisfy the scale of online learning by 5,000 people simultaneously, realize the integration of the WeChat subscription account, PC and app, and meet mobile learning needs; and by unifying the identity system connection to realize “one account for one person”, employees can log in directly with their unified identity authenticated account and password, making it even more convenient and efficient to use the learning system.

Training management information system construction. With the core HR information project as the focus and the business process as the core, a training management information platform has been established to improve the management and service levels of training. Following the continuous optimization of the business processes and standard training resources and management forms, key business functions such as training resource management, training plan management, training project management, training evaluation records, training file management, training data query analysis and so on have been completed and put into service, laying the foundation for the digital transformation of Shougang’s training management business.

Facing the future, the Talent Development Institute (Party School) will increase its support for the strategic development, business promotion and personnel training of the Group in order to construct a whole chain talent development system of “selection, training, utilization and evaluation”; create a batch of branded projects, courses, teachers and training innovation achievements with internal influence; complete the establishment of the knowledge sharing system at the Group level to form many knowledge innovation achievements such as Shougang’s characteristic courses, micro-courses and management cases; and improve training information in an all-round way, thereby contributing to the cultivation of a first-class enterprise university in China with international vision.

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