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Training of Skilled Personnel in Shougang Group

Release Time:2022-07-06 10:08:58

The Skilled Personnel Training Center of the Shougang Talent Development Institute adheres to the guiding principles of “serving Shougang, facing the high end, capability orientation and radiating to all employees” and takes “cultivating the spirit of workmanship and fostering highly skilled leading talents” as the key points of skilled personnel training, in order to train influential highly skilled and innovative key talents in the industry and Shougang.

In 2021, 15 skills training programs were held, including “Shougang Craftsman Talent Development and Innovation Ability Training”, “Shougang Craftsman Lecture Hall”, “Shougang Skilled Operation Specialist Innovation Ability Training”, etc., and 8,311 skilled personnel were trained throughout the year. Two new programs including the Shougang Craftsman Lecture Hall were developed, one characteristic course was independently developed, and the Group’s units were organized to develop 12 characteristic courses, totaling 150.5 class hours. The “Shougang Skilled Personnel Training Course Library” was founded, and 57 successful cases and 30 outstanding papers were collected to continuously enrich the contents of the “five libraries” and preliminarily build Shougang’s skilled personnel training system of “seven levels, three competitions, one room and five libraries”. The course “Construction and Application of Training System for Skilled Talents” was created and went on to win third prize at the Shougang Management Innovation Achievement Awards. In addition, the amendment and issuance of the Measures for the Administration of Vocational Skills Competitions in Shougang Group Co., Ltd. were completed.

I. Shougang Craftsman Talent Development and Innovation Ability Training

In 2021, the students were arranged to carry out on-the-job practice training in various technical topics, and form solutions to technical problems put forward according to their own disciplines and actual production posts. This was combined with innovative tools taught by experts and trouble-shooting ideas raised during the intensive training in the first stage and on-the-job practice in the Company. After one year of on-the-job practice, 25 students succeeded in their practical topics, solved production problems and achieved substantial results. Meanwhile, under the theme “teamwork, invention and management”, intensive training was organized in the second stage, and the organizational form was combined with classroom teaching and exchange and discussion, thereby taking a professional perspective to help the students broaden their horizons and ideas, guide them to understand the core elements of efficient execution and their specific ability requirements, improve their ability and level in identifying and resolving on-site problems, and independently organize the technological research and technology improvement of the Group’s enterprises.

II. Shougang Craftsman Lecture Hall

In 2021, the Talent Development Institute and Trade Union of the Group jointly held the Shougang Craftsman Lecture Hall training activities (maintenance, electrician and steelmaking majors). During the training, full play was given to the radiating and driving effects of “Shougang Craftsmen” teaching craftsmen passed on their technical skills, and a platform on which front-line operators could learn from and communicate with skill masters was set up to solve practical problems in production, thereby improving the operational level of the students and promoting the cultivation of knowledge-based, technical and innovative skilled talents.

III. Shougang Skilled Operation Specialist Innovation Ability Training

Attended by 26 highly skilled leading talents from eight units of the Shougang Group, this training adopted the training mode of “concentrated training + learning and communication” and was conducted according to the three stages of “tapping technological advantages, improving innovation ability and learning and communication”. The training, improved students’ experience extraction and innovation ability, helped them to master ideas and methods regarding how to continuously carry out scientific and technological innovation, and enhance their core creativity based on their specific working environments and posts, and promoted the integration process of “research, training and cultivation”.

IV. Vocational Skills Competition

In 2021, themed “showing exquisite technology and cultivating leading talents” and based on the principles of “universal mobilization, focused improvement, combined competition and training, and promoting training”, the Shougang Vocational Skills Competition was organized in a standardized manner and divided into six stages: registration mobilization, topic assignment, prelim, quarter-final, final and summary commendation. During the period, the Group founded the competition organizing committee, set up a competition office and organized the establishment of a topic assignment group, referee group, supervision and examination group, and other organizations, ensuring that all the competition work would be carried out in an orderly manner. The main practices were as follows: first, expand the coverage of competition work types and reinforce the competition ability of foreign units; second, organize third parties to assign topics, implement supervision and examination, and ensure justice and equity; third, align the training throughout the competition in combination with the practical situation; and fourth, strengthen basic work management and realize the standardized management of the whole competition process. In the end, the whole Group organized 202 jobs and more than 10,500 people to participate in the competition. The 46 competitors who won the top five jobs in the nine finals were awarded the title of “Shougang Technical Expert”, and three excellent organizational units, ten excellent coaches and 16 excellent workers were selected for commendation.

The Group selected six contestants to participate in the Beijing Welder and Fitter Qualification Trials of the 7th National Workers’ Vocational Skills Competition. Zhao Zhang, Liu Xin and Guo Zhiwei took first, third and fifth place in the Welder Group respectively, while Gao Shufan, Qu Erlong and Jiang Zhiyou won the seventh, eighth and twelfth place in the Fitter Group respectively. Liu Xin and Zhao Zhang represented Beijing in the finals of the 7th National Workers’ Vocational Skills Competition, and took eighth and forty-ninth place in the Welder Group respectively.

In the future, based on the human resource planning requirements of the Shougang Group during the 14th Five-year Plan period, the Skilled Personnel Training Center will focus on the cultivation and training of skilled operation talents with craftsmanship and superb skills, further perfect the skilled personnel training system of “seven levels, three competitions, one room and five libraries”, and build a platform of learning exchange, technological innovation and skill inheritance for the growth of skilled talents, thereby constantly enriching the teaching resources and improving the training quality and level. By giving prioritizing improvement in the general ability and professional skills of employees, it will adopt the training mode of “centralized discussion + comparative exchange + service guidance” to create a batch of brand training programs, including the Shougang Craftsman Lecture Hall, Employees’ Innovation Workshop Training Class, Highly Skilled Talents Innovation Ability Training Class, etc., in order to provide talent support for the high-quality development of the Shougang Group.

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