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Release Time:2022-07-04 09:10:21

Established in April 2016, the Talent Evaluation Center of the Shougang Talent Development Institute is staffed with five people: the director, three evaluators, and an evaluation analyst. It mainly undertakes the construction of talent evaluation models and tools, talent evaluation implementation, talent selection, etc., and applies advanced evaluation tools to assess scientific talents for the Shougang Group and its grassroots units. After several years of exploration and practice, the whole talent development chain of “selection, training, utilization and evaluation” has been initially formed, and the five subsystems of evaluation criteria, tools, evaluation teams, system and procedure, and evaluation items have been constructed.

I. Subsystem Construction of Evaluation Criteria

Four key talent ability and quality evaluation models have been constructed for leading talents, innovative science and technology talents, financial talents and skilled talents.

II. Subsystem Construction of Tools

After years of exploration, practice and comparative analysis, the Talent Evaluation Center has adopted more than ten scientific and reliable evaluation tools, such as “Big Five Occupational Personality Evaluation” based on the theoretical iceberg model, which have been applied to campus recruitment, social recruitment and other evaluation scenarios, winning widespread acclaim from employers. Among them, a variety of offline evaluation tools including experiential evaluation, in-basket testing and decision simulation have been applied in the talent evaluation of key classes of the Group, providing more targeted evaluation and training programs for Shougang’s young leading officials.

III. Subsystem Construction of Evaluation Teams

Three training courses for evaluators have been carried out successively, the professional training of talent evaluation for personnel engaged in talent development in various units has been carried out, and a team of part-time evaluators has been trained. At present, more than 350 part-time evaluators have been trained.

Meanwhile, the Talent Evaluation Center has also taught self-developed courses, such as “Big Five Occupational Personality Evaluation” and “Interpretation of Talent Quality Evaluation Reports”, to human resources professionals and students in key classes, such as special training classes and young and middle-aged classes, which have been well-received by the students.

IV. Subsystem Construction of System and Procedure

System and procedure construction has guaranteed the smooth implementation of talent evaluation. In order to accurately understand the talent evaluation needs of each unit of the Group and provide high-quality talent evaluation services, the “Talent Evaluation Center has formulated the Talent Evaluation Business Process”, “Talent Evaluation Fee Management Measures (Trial)”, etc., providing a strong guarantee for the efficient and smooth development and implementation of talent evaluation.

V. Subsystem Construction of Evaluation Items

The Talent Evaluation Center has not only met the talent evaluation needs of all units, but also provided technical support such as campus and social recruitment, internal competitive selection and personnel inventory services. It has also fully supported the key talent development evaluation programs of Shougang and provided development suggestions for the talent selection and evaluation of key classes of the Group.

Through exploration and practice in recent years, the Talent Evaluation Center has cooperated with the Beijing Talent Quality Evaluation and Examination Center, Beijing G&G International Human Capital Group Co., Ltd., NormStar Group, Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resource Service Co., Ltd., Beisen, Tale Base and other third parties by means of independent innovation, independent project establishment and service purchase, and initially formed the Shougang Talent Evaluation System. The evaluation methods have been steadily expanded, evaluation technologies have been continuously improved and evaluated items and people have begun to take shape. Over 20 units have been covered, 3,856 person-times of evaluation have been reached and 16,232 reports have been issued, providing a scientific basis for the selection and employment decisions of the Group Company and grassroots units, and playing a supporting and securing role in the transformation and development and talent development of Shougang.

Facing the future, the Talent Evaluation Center will continuously optimize the talent evaluation system and improve the quality of talent evaluation in order to fully support the whole talent development chain of “selection, training, utilization and evaluation”; provide a scientific basis for the recognition, selection, employment and cultivation of talents for the Shougang Group; promote the construction of the core talent pool of the Group in order to provide technical support for the evaluation of scientific talents for Shougang’s talent development and deployment; and build a talent evaluation center with Shougang characteristics in an all-round way.


  Training course for young and middle-aged leading officials of Shougang in 2020


In-basket test for special training classes


Experiential evaluation of special training classes


Decision simulation of special training classes


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On-site at “Big Five Occupational Personality Evaluation” course

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