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Introduction to Shougang Technician College

Release Time:2022-07-01 10:01:46

Founded in 1954 and formerly known as “Shougang Technician School”, Shougang Technician College was rated as a Beijing Key Technician School in 1993, National Key Technician School in 1998 and Senior Technician School in 2004, approved as a Technician College in 2009 and passed the final evaluation of the “Demonstration Construction Project for the Reform and Development of National Secondary Vocational Schools” in 2015. Since its establishment, more than 40,000 graduates have been trained for society and Shougang, and welcomed by employers. At present, the college has 2,770 full-time students in the college and carries out more than 20,000 person-times of vocational training every year.

Located on the west side of Jinyuan Bridge on the Fifth Ring Road in western Beijing, adjacent to the Shougang Basketball Center, the college enjoys convenient transportation and excellent school-running conditions. It has a floor area of 167,500 m2 and a building area of 133,200 m2. The practice training base has a building area of 32,400 m2 and an equipment investment of RMB 150 million. The college is equipped with more than 7,000 supporting devices, 143 training rooms and over 4,500 stations. It has modern teaching facilities such as multimedia classrooms, student computer rooms, a network center, audio-visual classrooms, courseware creation room and a digital remote training system. The library has a building area of 6,129 m2 and 332,000 paper books, 130,800 e-books and 42 TB of digital resources. There is also a playground with a 400-meter standard environmental rubber track and various sports training venues.

In recent years, according to the functional orientation of the “four centers” in the capital and the need for the integrated coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the college has changed the orientation of the majors it offers to fields such as urban services, high-end production and high-quality living. New majors have been formed, including health and nursing, leisure sports, digital media technology, intelligent manufacturing, preschool education and service management. There are 25 majors, including installing and debugging electrical automation equipment, multimedia production, preschool education, nursing, environmental protection and detection, sports and leisure, and so on. The college has formed a training system for intermediate workers, senior workers, preparatory technicians and academic technicians, as well as a training and education system for highly skilled talents.

The college has a teaching team represented by teachers with industry influence, such as national model workers, teachers who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council, model workers in Beijing, national technical experts and winners of the Professional Ability Competition for Teachers of Technical Colleges in China. The teaching team is suitable for the scale of the school, possesses excellent professional qualities and combines full-time and part-time jobs. There are 103 full-time teachers, including 36 with a master's degree, 37 with senior titles (including five professors) and one enjoying a special government allowance from the State Council. There is also a “State-Level Welder Skills Master Studio”. Nearly 100 teaching and scientific research achievements such as “Research on Technicians' Training Mode and Curriculum Development” have won the first, second and third prizes of ministries and commissions in China and Beijing. The professional teaching team of modern molding processing technology was rated as a “Professional Innovation Team in Beijing City”.

The college earnestly implements the Party's educational policy, and its teaching quality and management are constantly improved. It completed the first and second batches of national high-skilled talent training base construction projects, and commenced the third batch in 2021. Sixteen majors adopt “3 + 2” connection between middle and higher vocational education with the Shougang Institute of Technology. “Major (Group) in the Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Automation Equipment” was selected as a “Construction Project of Characteristic High-level Backbone Majors (Groups) in Beijing”, and the “Wei Jianping Intelligent Assembly Studio” was selected as a “Construction Project of Technical Skills Master Studios of Vocational Colleges in Beijing”.

As a cradle for the cultivation of craftsmen, the college pays attention to improving students' comprehensive quality and cultivating their ability to adapt to society. In the first batch of 12 “Shougang Craftsmen”, eight graduated from Shougang Technician College. There are college graduates among CASIC's national technical experts featured in CCTV’s “Craftsmen with Great Power Serving the Country with Skills”. Students can obtain a number of vocational skills certificates before graduation and gain strong professional skills and broad development spaces. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has been above 99%, and graduates have been distributed in dozens of large and medium-sized enterprises such as Shougang, Beijing Hyundai, Beijing Benz, CASIC Second Institute, CASIC Fifth Institute, China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group, Yanjing Beer, Beijing Beiye Functional Materials Corporation, etc.

The college was the national training base for welding projects for the 45th World Skills Competition and the national training base for welding and cloud computing projects for the 46th World Skills Competition. At the 45th World Skills Competition, the college was named “Outstanding Contribution Unit of the 45th World Skills Competition”, and competitors who trained at the training base won gold medals. In 2020, college students won four prizes at the 1st Vocational Skills Competition of the People's Republic of China and the national selection competition of the 46th World Skills Competition, and competitors in cloud computing, health and social care obtained the of “National Training Team” qualification. College teachers won five first prizes at the municipal level and one-second prize and one-third prize at the national level in teachers’ professional ability competitions.

The college has been awarded the title of “Advanced Unit (or Contributing Unit) of Education and Teaching among Technician Colleges in Beijing” for many consecutive years, and has been awarded the titles of “Outstanding Contributing Unit in the Cultivation of National Skilled Talents” and “School Publicizing the Activity to Create Sunshine Moral Education Schools” by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The experience and practice of the targeted admission and educational poverty alleviation model of “five exemptions and one guarantee” in the college have been included among typical cases of poverty alleviation cooperation between East and West China. The backbone teachers of the college have visited Xinjiang Hotan Technician College and other places to support education and help impoverished people. As a case of school-enterprise cooperation, the new apprenticeship training mode was included in the Guide Manual for Promoting School-Enterprise Cooperation (2018 Edition) by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

The college is one of the first batch of listed public training bases for vocational skills in Beijing, and social classrooms of primary and secondary schools in Beijing, one of the first batch of comprehensive first-class public safety demonstration education bases in Beijing, one of the training bases for law enforcement personnel in safety production in Beijing, one of the recommended training institutions for the continuing education of registered safety engineers and assistant safety engineers in Beijing, one of the first batch of legal publicity and education demonstration bases in Beijing, the first welder training base listed by the China Engineering Construction Welding Association in Beijing, and a safety qualification training and examination base for high-risk industries in Beijing. It has many important training qualifications such as “National Vocational Skills Training Point for Numerical Control Craftsmen in Modern Manufacturing Technology”. It has grade qualifications for vocational skills in technician colleges covering 41 professions such as electrician and e-commerce engineer, and grade qualifications for vocational skills in social training evaluation organizations covering the three professions of electrician, nurse and computer programmer. In 2018, the college built the only safety production qualification examination point for explosion-proof electric operations in Beijing.

Facing the future, the college will serve the functional orientation of the “four centers” in the capital, the construction of “a new landmark for the revival of the capital city in the new era” and the high-quality development needs of Shougang; adhere to the school-running philosophy of “demand-oriented, moral education first, school-enterprise integration and facing the future”; insist on the school-running orientation of “based in Shougang, facing West Beijing and serving the capital”; explore the connection between secondary vocational education and higher vocational education; build a vocational education growth channel for students; train high-quality skilled talents to meet the needs of economic development in the capital; and strive to be always be a first-class vocational college in China.

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