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Introduction to Shougang Institute of Technology

Release Time:2021-04-05 09:49:17

Shougang Institute of Technology was established in 1978, formerly known as the branch of Beijing Iron and Steel Institute Branch. In 1994, Shougang Institute of Technology was formally named with the approval of the Ministry of Education of the PRC. Since its establishment, it has trained more than 19,000 full-time graduates for Shougang and society.

“Cooperation of school and enterprise, combination of work and learning” is a distinct feature of the Institute’s personnel training. In the capital, Beijing, gathering all kinds of colleges and universities, the employment rate of the Institute graduates has reached more than 99% for several consecutive years.

Located in the northwest side of Jinyuan Bridge, Beijing West Fifth Ring Road, and adjacent to Shougang Sports Building, the Institute covers an area of 167,000 square meters and a building area of 108,000 square meters. There are modern teaching facilities such as training centers, student computer rooms, professional classrooms, laboratories, and network centers. The total bandwidth of the campus network outlet is 200 Mbps, the amount of digital resources is 27TB, and the library has 350,000 books; there are modern supporting facilities for running schools such as 400-meter standard sports grounds, grounds for various ball games and the student center.

The Institute now has seven secondary colleges, namely, College of Management, College of Computer and Media Arts, College of Nursing and Pre-school Education, College of Metallurgical Safety and Environmental Protection, College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, College of Basic Education and College of Continuing Education. There are 31 higher vocational specialties such as IT, safety and environmental protection, economic management, intelligent manufacturing, social sports, pre-school education, and nursing; and 12 education specialties of adult college degree, such as organic electrical integration technology, human resources management, and computer application technology. Every year, students are enrolled in a unified way by forms of unified enrollment, independent enrollment, enrollment of higher vocational education by separate examination and adult entrance examination. At present, there are 2,372 full-time vocational students and 1,200 adult college students. Every year, more than 10,000 people are trained for enterprises at all levels.

In January 2014, Shougang Institute of Technology was awarded “Advanced Collective of Continuing Education Management” by the Organizational Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. In 2015, Shougang Institute of Technology won the honorary title of “Capital Advanced Unit” from 2012 to 2014. In 2016, “Beijing Institute of Safety Production Management” was listed in Shougang Institute of Technology. In 2016, “Beijing Professional Continuing Education Base Project” was approved and accepted.

From 2014 to 2018, the Institute won 6 comprehensive teaching achievement awards for universities and colleges in Beijing City, 3 research achievements awards of higher education of China Association of Metallurgical Education, 3 research projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 5 micro-course competition awards of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, 1 top-quality course at Beijing level, 5 top-quality teaching materials in Beijing and 15 prizes in Teachers’ Information-based Teaching Competition in Beijing. In the National Vocational College Students’ Skills Competition and Mathematical Modeling Competition, the Institute won 8 national first prizes, 20 national second prizes and 10 first prizes in Beijing. Two teachers of the Institute were honored as “Famous Teachers of Teaching in Beijing Universities” and four as “Beijing Model Worker”.

In recent years, the Institute has actively adapted to the adjustment of industrial structure in the capital and the changes in the structural needs of high-tech skilled personnel, and carried out professional transformation. Focusing on the shortage of nursing and pre-school education talents in Beijing, the Institute has set up nursing and pre-school education specialties; served the development of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the winter sports, and set up social sports (winter sports) specialty; adapted to the construction of a livable city in the capital and Shougang’s industrial development to successfully transform the electromechanical specialties into specialties of urban comprehensive services; and conformed to the digital entertainment industry of Shijingshan Park in Zhongguancun and focused on the development of the digital media specialty characterized by virtual reality and the digital media industry; fully built a safe production training base in Beijing to serve the safe operation of the capital, and identified new professional groups such as urban safety production, health and nursing, social sports, digital media technology, intelligent manufacturing and pre-school education.

Facing the future, the Institute will further transform to new industries, diversified industries and high-end industries in accordance with the construction of the “four centers” in the capital and the needs of Shougang’s transformation and development, so as to realize the development of connotation, characteristics and differentiation. The Institute is striving to build the first-class vocational college in China, basing on Shougang, facing the west of Beijing, serving the capital, deeply integrating production and education and laying equal stress on academic education and training (visit us for more details:

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