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Situation of Talents in Shougang

Release Time:2019-08-27 09:21:39

Shougang insists on the principle of "Party managing talents", closely centers on the needs of the Group's deepening reformation and transformation development for the talent development of "selection, training, utilization and evaluation", focuses on the smooth implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan of Human Resources, innovates the train of thought of human resources work, improves the quality and level of human resources work, and undertakes all kinds of work under the leadership of the Party Committee of the Group Company, so as to provide strong organizational guarantee and human resources support for the continuous development of Shougang.

I. Constantly Perfecting the Construction of Three Major Talent Work Systems

The first, is to constantly improve the management systems of leaders. Give systematic consideration to the allocation of leadership structure, make an organic combination of upholding the leadership of the Party, strengthening the Party's construction and perfecting the corporate governance structure of enterprises, strengthen cross-appointment between members of Party committees and members of management, strengthen the internal rank and job management of leaders, and form a scientific and standardized systems of L1-L9 titles and ranks.

The second is to continuously improve the "vertical promotion" systems for scientific and technological talents and highly skilled talents. Business management series actually establishes an internal job-level systems according to L1 to L9; professional technology series establishes career development and promotion channels according to group-level technical experts (chief experts), senior directors, directors, supervisors and assistants; skills operation series establishes career development and promotion channels according to group-level technical operation experts (chief skills experts), factory-level technical operation experts (chief technicians), senior technicians, technicians, senior workers, intermediate workers and junior workers to establish career development and promotion channels. Three channels provide "vertical promotion and horizontal interchange".

The third is to constantly improve the key talent development systems. Focus on the strategic development needs of Shougang, such as leaders, technological innovative talents, financial talents and craftsmen talents, the realistic shortage and the development of key talents which have a significant impact on enterprises, carry out a full-chain investigation and analysis of "selection, training, utilization and evaluation", clarify the development objectives, establish development standards, design development paths, form typical talent development programs, and make substantial progress in promoting the achievement of talent development work. 

II. Promote Four Talent Work Innovations

The first is to constantly promote the innovation of talent input mechanism. Establish a "talent resources development and training fund" for the development, induction, training, use and development of talents, as well as for the funding and reward of outstanding talents.

The second is to continuously promote the innovation of talent introduction mechanism. Strengthen the market-oriented selection of professional managers and shortage of professional talents, strengthen the market-oriented selection and management of leaders in the systems, select and allocate a number of leading talents for real estate companies, financial companies and other units, and initially form a working mechanism for professional managers to introduce, manage, motivate and restrain. Actively playing the role of post-doctoral workstation and overseas returnees' workstation in Shougang, introduce Ph.D. to carry out scientific research and tackle key problems, and introduce overseas returnees with master's degree or above to build a successful career in Shougang.

The third is to constantly promote the innovation of personnel training mechanisms. Promote the construction of "one hospital, multi-center" technological innovation systems,  build a talent growth platform that takes into account both on-site work and long-term research, and realize the growth of talent of on-site to research room. Jointly set up R&D centers with well-known domestic institutions, make use of the good channels of the State Administration of Foreign Affairs and plan to select outstanding technical personnel to train and exercise in overseas cooperative colleges and research institutions. Special training courses for young cadres in Shougang will be held to select the best ones for intensive English training and overseas research. A mechanism for training young cadres in special training classes, overseas research classes, on-duty exercises and exchange of rotating posts has been initially formed.

The fourth is to promote the innovation of talent incentive mechanisms. To continue to carry out the selection of Shougang Science and Technology Awards, encourage the industrialization and engineering of scientific and technological achievements, give one-time awards to the selected special contribution award personnel and the selected Project Awards of the Science and Technology Awards respectively, and give corresponding matching awards to those who have won the National Science and Technology Awards. Encourage skilled personnel to participate in vocational skill competitions at all levels to promote the construction of high-skilled personnel. In addition to giving a one-time reward, those who have participated in skill competitions at the national (international), national industrial, municipal and Shougang levels can also be recommended as group-level skilled operation experts and enjoy job allowances at the corresponding level.

III. Promote the Achievement of Talent Work in Five Aspects

Firstly, the concept of talent has been widely recognized. Through the practice and summary of entrepreneurship, the concept of "talent resources are the first resource of enterprises" and "first-class talents can do first-class business" has been widely recognized by the Party committees at all levels in Shougang.

Secondly, the overall quality and quality of the talent team has been steadily improved. Through policy incentives and guidance, increasing financial support, and formulating training programs scientifically to ensure the accelerated updating of talents' knowledge and technical skills, Shougang Group currently has 2,876 senior titles, 266 doctors and 2,944 masters.

 Thirdly is to continuously strengthen the ability of scientific research and innovation of the talent team. In 2018, the Group achieved 108 scientific and technological achievements, 21 of which reached the international advanced level. The Group has won 14 Science and Technology Awards at or above the provincial and ministerial levels, including 1 second prize of State Science and Technology Progress Award, 544 patents authorized, presiding over the formulation and revision of 13 national standards, and 6 enterprises are recognized as state-level new high-tech enterprises.

Fourth is to constantly highlight the strength of the talent team. At present, there are 21 people in the Group enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, 2 people selected into the National Project of Millions of Talents, 1 Beijing scholar, 6 people selected into the Project of Millions of Talents in Beijing, 4 people selected as the scientific and technological management experts with outstanding contributions in Beijing, 16 national technical experts, 5 highly skilled talents with outstanding contributions in Beijing, 11 technicians enjoying the special allowance of the Beijing Government and 50 people enjoying the financial support of Beijing’s outstanding talents.

Fifth, the Group has achieved historical successes in skills competitions. In the vocational skill competition in iron and steel industry of all four types of work of the “Shougang Cup”, the representative team of Shougang Group won the first place of team with the total result of “three gold medals, four silver medals and one bronze medal.” In the “Shougang Mining Cup” vocational skill competition in metallurgical mine industry of all four types of work, the representative team of Mining Corporation of Shougang Group Co., Ltd. won the winning prize of team with the total achievement of “three gold medals, three silver medals and three bronze medals.”

At present, the Group concentrates on further strengthening the work of talents, continuously increasing the incentive of “key minority” talents, optimizing the distribution structure, matching the income level of “key minority” talents with their ability, performance and contribution, and fully embodying the value of knowledge and skills in the income distribution. The Group strengthens publicity and recognition, improves the political treatment and professional honor of talents, and strives to create a good atmosphere of respecting and caring for talents. Strengthening systematic talent training, through various means, the Group not only trains a group of key scientific and technological talents who are familiar with the scene and the market, but also strives to train scientific and technological leaders with original innovative ability. For high-skilled talents, the Group combines theoretical training with operational practice, training courses with “teachers lead apprentices” and skill competition with the establishment of innovative studios. It is necessary for the Group to train a group of skilled on-site operators, as well as to strive to cultivate a group of craftsmen in Shougang.

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