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Brief Introduction to the Shougang Group Training Center

Release Time:2017-03-29 15:18:05

The Shougang Group Training Center is an education school entity directly managed by the Shougang Group which has implemented integrated management with the Shougang Institute of Technology and Shougang Technician College. An important training base for the enterprise, the Center is committed to providing multiple training services including highly skilled personnel training, high-level personnel cooperation training, professional continuing education, occupation skills accreditation training, socially-oriented qualification training and other services, as well as full-time vocational education and adult college education. Located at No. 6 Jinyuan Zhuang Road in Shijingshan District, Beijing, it covers an area of 1,675,000m2 and a construction area of 132,200m2, and consists of 12 administrative offices, 10 teaching schools (department, division), a library, network management center and so on. It has 469 employees, among which 121 hold a master's degree or above, 288 hold an undergraduate degree, 129 hold senior titles (including 5 advanced senior titles) and 160 hold intermediate titles. The number of full-time secondary vocational school students and adult education students has reached more than 5,000. In addition, the total export bandwidth of the Center's campus network reaches 130 Mbps, and it is also equipped with a remote online vocational training system and remote online video teaching system, as well as digital courseware resources reaching 4.9 TB.

In recent years, the Center has provided various types of vocational training for 30,000 people. In corporate training, we have organized in-service staff master's degree graduate courses, financial professional dual degree courses, international trade training courses for our Headquarters, Northeastern University and the Beijing University of Science and Technology, and provide continuing education for high-level professionals and inter-disciplinary talents. We provide remote online training for managers in the Headquarters, training for professionals and technicians to enhance their ability, and vocational skill level identification training for team leaders in the Jingtang, Qianjiang, Shouqin and Shunyi new cold rolling bases, as well as such external enterprises as Shougang Changzhi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. and Shougang Shuicheng Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. In the field of social training, we have organized multiple training programs including Beijing technician training, Beijing senior professional training, full-time safety officer training for the Beijing safety supervision system, excellent team leader training for national iron and steel enterprises, Shijingshan District highly skilled talent innovation ability training, special safety job training, etc., which have expanded our training service scope and enhanced our influence. In 2015, the Shougang Training Center was awarded the honorary title of ‘3rd Most Influential Education and Training Institute in the Iron and Steel Industry ‘

Formerly known as a branch of the Beijing Institute of Iron and Steel Engineering which was founded in 1978, the Shougang Institute of Technology is a full-time general undergraduate Institute managed by the Shougang Group which was established in 1994. In 1996, due to the restructuring of the Shougang Group, the Institute suspended the enrollment of full-time students and focused on staff education and training. In 1999, it restored full-time professional (vocational) academic education. The Institute is committed to taking root in Shougang and providing services for the west area of the capital. It has established seven categories of full-time higher vocational education and more than 30 majors, such as metallurgical materials engineering, environmental engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, information engineering, construction engineering, modern services and cultural & creative. Since its inception, the Institute has cultivated 18,000 full-time graduates for the Shougang Group and society. In 2003, the Shougang Workers College was merged into the Institute of Technology. In 2004, it established adult undergraduate majors and was granted undergraduate degree-awarding power. It has established the seven adult education undergraduate majors of metallurgical engineering, metal material engineering, automation, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, civil engineering, international economics and trade, and business management, and seven vocational majors including mechanical & electrical integration technology.

Founded in 1954, Shougang Technician College was formerly known as Shougang Technician Training School. The College was appraised as a key technician training school in Beijing in 1993, and a national technician training school in 1998, and was promoted to senior technician training school in 2004. In 2009, it became a technician college approved by the Beijing Municipal Government. In November 2015, the construction of its national vocational school demonstration school passed provincial assessment. The College is also part of the second batch of pilot units for the integration curriculum reform of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China, and a pioneer in implementing multiform education and Internet + staff training. It has established 24 categories of majors involving metallurgical, mechanical, electronic, environmental protection and modern services. Since its inception, the College has cultivated more than 40,000 graduates for the Shougang Group and society.

During the ‘13th Five-Year’ period, the Training Center will primarily serve the new strategic positioning of Beijing’s ‘Four Center Cities’, actively adapt to the reform demands of the Shougang Group and the development of Beijing, focus on improving its school level, achieve high-end transformation, focus on improving the quality of education, implement high-quality strategies, exert every effort to improve the effectiveness of running the schools and achieve sustainable development. It is committed to taking root in Shougang, providing services for the west area of Beijing and the development goals of ‘Four first-class’, developing into a domestic first-class learning and training base that provides professional personnel training, vocational skills training and identification, research and promotion of technology, and workers’ lifelong study, developing the Shougang Institute of Technology into a domestic first-class technical application college that cultivates high-level application and technology-based talents, realizes multi-level effective convergence and integrates academic education and vocational training, developing Shougang Technician College into a domestic first-class national secondary vocational education reform demonstration school that leads the high-end and implements multi-school management, exerting every effort to build a first-class Internet + staff training system, and promoting education and training modernization via information technology. We will also constantly improve the structure and enhance the ability of the personnel, and upgrade the overall strength and service level of education and training to a new level.

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