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Zhao Minge Shares Branding Philosophy in Opening Video at China Brand Development Conference Shougang Steals the Show at China Brand Expo

Release Time:2024-05-13 16:02:00


On May 10, the 2024 China Brand Day kicked off in Shanghai. Zhao Minge, Party secretary and chairman of Shougang Group, was invited to share the group's branding philosophy in the opening video of China Brand Development Conference. "Branding represents a steel-hard will and iron-hard conviction, and it is the embodiment of an unwavering commitment," Zhao Minge said. Hu Xionguang, deputy Party secretary of Shougang Group, attended the opening ceremony of the 2024 China Brand Day. Government leaders and delegations from various provinces and cities visited Shougang's booth, which made a stunning appearance at the China Brand Expo. More than 20 central and local media outlets, including People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Media Group, China Intellectual Property News, Jiefang Daily, Beijing Daily, Beijing Radio and Television Station, and Hunan Satellite TV, covered Shougang's booth and Shougang's practices in developing new quality productive forces and strong brands. Over the past few days, visitors flocked to Shougang's booth. On May 11 alone, the first day open to the public, more than ten groups, totaling over 3,000 people, visited and consulted the booth.

Located in the enterprise exhibition area, Shougang's booth can be accessed from entrance H2-2 on the first floor of the exhibition hall. The booth, designed in Shougang's classic "blue and white" color scheme, stands prominently on the left side of the passage. The booth features open sides that maximize visibility and incorporates design elements deriving from Shougang's blast furnaces, creating a futuristic ambiance. With the group's logo appearing at conspicuous positions, the booth highlights the development of new quality productive forces, efforts promoting technological innovation as Shougang's primary competitive advantage, and the brand slogan of "Intelligent Manufacturing, Service, Win-Win Cooperation."

The exhibition boards showcase a number of "world firsts" that have garnered visitors' attention, including the "world's first fully continuous multi-mode casting and rolling production line," the "world's first NEV electrical steel production line," the "world's first specialized production line for thin-gauge high magnetic induction grain-oriented electrical steel," the "world's first enterprise to achieve ultra-low emission throughout the entire production process," and the "world's first 'five-in-one' high-efficiency circular utilization system for fuel, heat, electricity, water, and salt." The Shougang Park section comprehensively showcases the group's recent developments and future aspirations through an overview of the park, industrial development activities, the Zhongguancun characteristic industrial park, enterprise clustering, and the utilization of the Winter Olympics legacy. Visitors are drawn to numerous high-tech products at the booth, such as "Cicada Wing Steel" postcards, "Silk Steel" cultural creative products, non-oriented silicon steel, medium and heavy plates, zinc-aluminum-magnesium coated automotive sheets, and tinplate series. To give visitors with a more intuitive understanding of Shougang's technological achievements, the booth also features a model of the world's first project using industrial exhaust gas for the biosynthesis of fuel ethanol and protein developed by Shougang LanzaTech. Embracing the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green development, openness, and sharing, Shougang presents its brand image to the world and tells stories of the Shougang brand embodied by its strengths.

Ms. Lin, also from an industrial enterprise, was impressed by the brilliant, grand, and technologically advanced design of Shougang's booth. She commented that the content exhibited by Shougang, whether for the country or the enterprise, represents remarkable achievements of innovation and development, bringing inspiration for other enterprises. She expressed hope for Shougang's continued growth.

"Is this thread made of steel?" Mr. Wang, a visitor, and his friend curiously picked up Shougang's "Silk Steel" cultural creative products. He was astonished to learn that each thread was made by twisting eight strands of Silk Steel. He found it incredible that a steel thread could be made as thin as one-third of a human hair and expressed admiration for Shougang's technological advancements. Ms. Hu was captivated by the "Cicada Wing Steel" postcards. She was most interested in products that are closely related to daily life, like cans and postcards. She was deeply proud of Shougang for applying its steel products to numerous fields and wished Shougang even greater success in the future.

Mr. Zhao, a Shanghai resident and long-time shareholder of Beijing Shougang, expressed excitement upon seeing various "world firsts" displayed on Shougang's exhibition boards, such as electrical steel, MCCR, and the "five-in-one" high-efficiency circular utilization system for fuel, heat, electricity, water, and salt. "I've been following Beijing Shougang and Shougang Group for several years. Since its relocation, Shougang has developed rapidly, continuously upgraded its products, and launched new production lines and first-class products, such as electrical steel and tinplate. I'm very optimistic about Shougang's future and hope it continues to flourish," Mr. Zhao said. "I've been to the Shougang Park!" Ms. Qian, a visitor, exclaimed in front of a photo on the exhibition boards, "I learned about Shougang Park during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. When I later visited Beijing, I made a special trip to see the Shougang ski jumping site, which was very impressive. The environment in Shougang Park is also very beautiful. I heard they recently held a science fiction convention there. I will visit it again the next time when I go to Beijing."

The model of Shougang LanzaTech's project, the world's first project using industrial exhaust gas for the biosynthesis of fuel ethanol and protein, was an eye-opener for the audience. Ms. Sun commented, "I'm most interested in Shougang LanzaTech's conversion of exhaust gas into protein powder. The concept of turning industrial waste gas into agricultural organic fertilizer is marvelous. This not only showcases Shougang's innovation achievements but also reflects its contribution to environmental protection. I hope that Shougang will deliver more technological innovations like this that benefit people's lives and contribute more to the country and society."

It is learned that the 2024 China Brand Day series of events takes place from May 10 to 14 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. It is organized by the National Development and Reform Commission in collaboration with the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the State Administration for Market Regulation, and the National Intellectual Property Administration. The theme of this year's events was "Better Quality, Bright Future for Chinese Brands." The events were held both online and offline, featuring the opening ceremony of the 2024 China Brand Day, the China Brand Development Conference, and the China Brand Expo, as well as brand-building activities concurrently organized by relevant ministries, local governments, enterprises, media outlets, and brand service agencies. The offline exhibition of the 2024 China Brand Expo spanned approximately 70,000 square meters, featuring sections such as the preface hall, enterprise exhibition area, local exhibition area, thematic exhibition area, and a fair. It brings China's brand development triumphs to life, showcasing new achievements across various areas.


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