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New Breakthrough in Ultra-thin Gauge Steel Production Capacity of Shougang Jingtang's MCCR Production Line

Release Time:2024-05-06 13:16:50

Recently, Shougang Jingtang's MCCR Production Line successfully achieved 0.8 mm batch rolling in single casting, and the single roll period exceeded 13 rolls, which means that the expected goals were reached for important technical indicators. The mass production of 0.8 mm ultra-thin gauge steel marks a new step in the equipment function precision management and model automation control level of Shougang Jingtang's MCCR Production Line, achieving a breakthrough in the production of ultra-thin gauge steel from "rolling" to "small batch rolling" and then to "mass production".

Shougang Jingtang's MCCR Production Line is the world's first third-generation thin slab continuous casting and rolling production line with multiple production modes. It complies with the national "dual carbon" emission reduction policy and its carbon dioxide emissions and pollutant emissions (nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide) are 30% and 10% of those of the traditional hot continuous rolling production line respectively. The production line integrates the latest technologies of thin slab continuous casting and hot continuous rolling, and adopts a brand-new layout, flexible production mode and product positioning of "ultra-thin gauge + high strength + high quality", opening up a new era of short-process production lines to produce high-end products.

The thinnest design gauge of the MCCR Production Line is 0.8 mm, and realizing the mass production of this gauge has always been the biggest technical problem for the line. Shougang Jingtang's research team cooperated closely to formulate detailed research plans in terms of order organization, production scheduling, production line rolling and other links, providing a guarantee for the thinning and pouring times of the production line for three consecutive days. "In terms of production scheduling, we closely cooperated with the Steel Rolling Department to formulate special measures for the mass production of the 0.8 mm gauge. Taking into account product thinning and the number of continuous casting furnaces, we optimized the slab length to reduce the residual material brought out, and increased the coil weight and block number of 0.8 mm during the roll period, thereby maximizing the thinning ability and improving the contract delivery ability," said Zhu Junchao from the Production Planning and Statistics Office of the Manufacturing Department.

The Rolling Operation Department and Technology Center have collaborated efficiently to continuously improve key technologies such as center line deviation control, process temperature control, flatness control, load distribution and looper cooperative control, high-speed coiling and stable threading, and improved both technical research and basic management, overcoming many technical problems and providing strong technical support for the stable rolling of ultra-thin gauge steel.

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