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Shougang Jingtang Named Influential Brand Enterprise of High-Quality Industrial Development

Release Time:2024-04-29 13:22:53

Selected for "2023 Practice Cases that Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains are Invaluable Assets"

Recently, the 2023 Boao Forum for Chinese Entrepreneurs kicked off under the theme "Focusing on New Productive Forces and Enhancing New Kinetic Energy for Development", and Shougang Jingtang was rated as an influential brand enterprise of high-quality industrial development in 2023; the experience and practice of "persisting in the ultimate pursuit, strengthening system innovation and bravely being a model of green and low-carbon development" was selected for inclusion in "2023 Practice Cases that Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains are Invaluable Assets".

The Jingtang Company thoroughly implements the new development concepts, adheres to the circular economy and green and low carbon practices, and continuously promotes energy conservation, carbon reduction and environmental improvement according to the policy of "source reduction, process control, end treatment and system management and control". It has been listed in the first batch of resource-saving and environmentally friendly pilot enterprises in the iron and steel industry, and won the honorary title "Environmentally Friendly Enterprise of Clean Production in China's Iron and Steel Industry" by the China Iron and Steel Association, leading the green and low-carbon development of the iron and steel industry. According to the concept of the circular economy, the Jingtang Company adheres to an overall "straightline"-shaped layout and integrates and applies a series of advanced energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies such as "three-drying" technology, seawater desalination, joint production of water and power, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, etc., thereby fully recycling waste heat, residual pressure, residual gas, wastewater and solid waste, and realizing functions including resource conservation, environmental friendliness and the provision of resources for society. Jingtang's three blast furnaces have achieved normal and stable smelting operation with a large ball ratio of over 55%, taking carbon reduction in the whole process as the technical core and vigorously promoting the low-carbon strategy. By implementing the path design of a smelting process with a large steel scrap ratio, the steel scrap ratio of the converter process can be steadily increased to over 40% and carbon emissions can be reduced by over 30%. It has built a seawater desalination project with a daily output of 95,000 tons and researched and developed "water and power symbiosis" and "hot film coupling" technologies to form the new low-carbon and low-cost Shougang seawater desalination model, and was rated as the "water efficiency leader" enterprise in 2017 by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, with its seawater desalination project rated as a "National Excellent Ocean Project". The first efficient recycling system in the world to integrate the five effects, namely "combustion, heat, electricity, water and salt", was constructed by Shougang, creating the new mode of the efficient conversion and cascade utilization of metallurgical energy. Jingtang was awarded the first prize in the Science and Technology Progress Awards for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction by the China Energy Conservation Association, and the third prize in Typical Cases of Peak Carbon and Carbon Neutrality Actions by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council; it was also was listed in the Promotion Catalogue of Water Saving Technologies by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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