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Shougang Achieves New Breakthroughs in High-grade Non-oriented Electrical Steel

Release Time:2021-08-06 14:51:35


By putting the experience of BSW into practice with a focus on improving operation efficiency, Shougang Co., Ltd. has enhanced its manufacturing capacity of high-grade non-oriented electrical steel, achieving an additional capacity of 12,000 tons per month, through independent innovation, strengthened control and process optimization. Shougang contributes to the implementation of the national low-carbon development strategy through high-quality green manufacturing.

Since 2020, with the introduction of new policies on energy efficiency upgrading in domestic appliances, electric machinery and other industries, as well as the continuous rise of new energy vehicles, the market demand for high-grade non-oriented electrical steel raw materials has greatly increased, and the gap between production and sales has rapidly widened. Thus, the high-grade electrical steel market has quickly become a hotspot for electrical steel manufacturers. Shougang Co., Ltd.’s Zhixin Electromagnetic Company responded quickly by implementing national strategies, responding to market demand, taking the initiative to “work with first-class enterprises to build the industrial chain” and accelerating product mix adjustment, and made every effort to close the gap between the production and sales of high-grade non-oriented electrical steel products. Shougang Co., Ltd.’s Reinforced Electrical Steel Company responded with a consistent system, and rapidly adjusted all elements of the whole process of iron, steel and rolling towards high-grade non-oriented products. With a focus on the improvement of benefits and efficiency, the potential of existing units has been deeply tapped in each process, and a number of product mix adjustment measures have been quickly organized and implemented. On the basis of exploring and mastering the core technology, breakthroughs have been made in a series of technical bottlenecks, and the monthly production capacity of high-grade products has increased by 12,000 tons. Meanwhile, with the improved ability to switch between medium, low and high-grade electrical steel at any time, the product mix can be adjusted more flexibly, and the capability of manufacturing high value-added products with high efficiency and low cost has been significantly enhanced, providing strong support for the upmarket adjustment of Shougang Co., Ltd.’s product mix and response to high-end market demand.

In recent years, Shougang Electrical Steel has adhered to the high-end product strategy of "high-end, high-efficiency, green and environmentally friendly", taken scientific and technological innovation as the first driving force leading its development, continuously increased its R&D investment and new product development, significantly improved its comprehensive competitiveness and brand influence, and continuously expanded its high-end customer base and application fields. Focusing on “high performance, high strength and high efficiency”, it has become the main supplier of famous enterprises such as Midea, Gree, Panasonic and Hitachi, continuously consolidating its leading position in the field of frequency conversion. With its non-oriented electrical steel for new energy vehicles, Shougang has formed five series of special product systems and two special products for new energy vehicles which are No. 1 in the world, providing products and services for many mainstream new energy vehicles in Germany, Japan, the United States and China which have won the widespread recognition of high-end passenger car users.

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