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Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd.

Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd. (‘Shougang’) is the only domestic listed company among the subsidiaries controlled by the Shougang Group (a Fortune Global 500 company).

Shougang wholly owns Shougang Qian'an Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (‘Qian’an Steel’), holds controlling shares in Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Beijing Shougang Cold Rolling Co., Ltd. and other steel entities, and possesses complete production processes including coking, ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling, heat treatment and so on. Shougang has world-class equipment and technological level, and produces hot-rolled and cold-rolled sheets of every type and specification, among which its electrical steel, auto sheets, tinning sheets, pipeline steel, steel sheets for household appliances and other high-end sheet products hold the leading position in the domestic market. Shougang closely follows the needs of its customers and provides products with superior quality and value-added services through strengthening delivery organization and quality control, speeding up progress by early involvement, enhancing response to customer needs and so on.

Shougang adheres to keeping pace with the world-class level. Its auto sheet products achieve full coverage of finished automobile delivery, including aluminium killed steel, IF steel, high strength IF steel, bake hardening steel, low alloy high strength steel, duplex steel, transformation induced plasticity steel and hot forming steel, of which the strength level reaches 1,000 MPa and the products rank in the top three in terms of market share. Its electrical steel has achieved dramatic growth, of which the non-oriented electrical steel has realized mass production in four major series and 67 brands, and gradually increased its shares in such emerging markets as new energy vehicle drive motors, UAV motors, robot servo motors with non-oriented electrical steel, etc. In 2015, Shougang ranked first in the non-oriented electrical steel market domestically, and second worldwide; its oriented electrical steel realized the production and supply of 500 kV transformers on a regular basis, it self-integrated the production equipment for the whole manufacturing process of high magnetic induction silicon steel, and it also achieved breakthroughs in electromagnetic properties, sheet size, coating quality control and other core technologies, thus qualifying Shougang to become the fourth manufacturer in the world to master the low-temperature sheet heating technology required for the production of high magnetic induction silicon steel manufacturers, and placing the Group in the first rank of transformer material suppliers worldwide.

Shougang actively fulfils its social responsibilities and achieves green growth. Through its comprehensive establishment of a circular economy system to realize the recycling of waste heat, residual pressure, residual gas and solid waste, and its active exploration of new methods of ‘carbon trading’, Qian’an Steel’s 150 MW CCPP Project became the first voluntary emissions reduction project in the domestic steel industry, and Shougang became the first domestic iron and steel enterprise of ‘carbon trading’.

In the future, Shougang will continue to adhere to its innovation-driven and highest quality service strategy, establish a sound collaboration system of production, supply, marketing, research and utilisation so as to accelerate the development of high-end products focused on auto sheets, electrical steel and tinning sheets, continuously optimize its product structure in order to enhance the core competitiveness of its ‘manufacturing plus services’, achieve the transformation from product manufacturer to integrated service provider, comprehensively improve its enterprise profitability and capital operation capacity, and strive to become an outstanding and globally competitive listed company.

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