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Beijing Shougang Cold-Rolled Sheet Co., Ltd.

   Beijing Shougang Cold Rolling Co., Ltd. (the "Company") is located in the International Green Port of Liqiao Town, Shunyi District, adjacent to Capital International Airport. With a floor area of 730,000 m2, it is one of the key projects invested in and constructed by Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd. to implement the relocation adjustment approved by the State Council.

   The Company was fully completed and put into operation at the end of 2007 as a modern cold-rolled strip steel production plant meeting the internationally advanced production level. The Company's products are positioned as medium to high-end auto plates, household appliance plates and high-end building plates. Its annual production scale is 1.7 million tons, including 900,000 tons of cold-rolled continuous annealing products and 800,000 tons of hot-dip galvanized products. Finished products are characterized by their many specifications, large width, smooth surface, pure steel, flat shape and stable performance.

   The Company has a testing center equipped with the world's most advanced testing equipment to provide quality assurance for the supply of high-quality cold-rolled strip steel products. Cold-rolled continuous annealing products and hot-dip galvanized products are manufactured in accordance with the internal control standards of advanced enterprises at home and abroad, and can be supplied according to Shougang’s enterprise standard Q/SGZGS and international standards (including DIN, EN, JIS and ASTM). It has established certification and supply cooperation with dozens of enterprises, and is a vital supplier of high-end auto companies such as Beijing Benz and BMW.

   In 2018, the Company won the titles of "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Beijing Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmark Enterprise", and applied for the registration of the "SmooSurf" trademark of high-grade auto outer plates.

In 2019,Qianshun Base[A1]  adhered to the concept of green development and continued to conduct environmental improvement. It passed the whole-process assessment and acceptance of "Ultra-low Emissions of the Iron and Steel Industry" by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and won the first prize for Scientific and Technological Progress in Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction assessed by the China Energy Conservation Association. In 2019, the Company won the title of "National Green Manufacturing Plant".

   In 2020, the Company won the titles of "National Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise" and "Beijing Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit".

   In 2021, the Company passed the re-evaluation of both national first-class safety standardization enterprises and national high-tech enterprises, and was rated as a "Specialized, Refined, Distinctive and Innovative" (SRDI) enterprise in Beijing. Its "cold-rolled high-strength steel plates and strips for automobiles" were recognized as national "green design products", and Integration and Innovation of Key Technologies in the Manufacturing and Application of High Safety Steel for Body Structures won the first prize at the Beijing Science and Technology Progress Awards.

   In 2022, the Company continued to deepen the adjustment of its product structure, steadily improved its manufacturing capacity of high-end automobile plates, increased the qualified rate of its GA outer plates to over 80%, realized the batch supply of UF steel through certification, launched HJAC980B2M with high reaming and ultra-high strength in China, and achieved the domestic replacement of DP490+Z auto outer plates. The Company’s annual net profits also reached a record high.

   In 2022, the Company adhered to the road of sustainable development and constantly improved its green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing. It carried out digital transformation and lighthouse plant construction with 55 digital application cases in Phase I achieving initial results, thereby further improving its business efficiency. It passed its acceptance evaluation as a "High-end Auto Panel Manufacturing Intelligent Plant"; passed its re-evaluation as a "Beijing Intellectual Property Pilot Demonstration Unit"; passed the cleaning production mandatory audit with a high score on the first assessment, reaching the international leading level; passed the certificate renewal audit of occupational health and safety ISO45001, environmental management ISO14001 and quality management ISO9001 & IATF16949; and passed the quality system expansion audit. The blanking line was included in the Company's quality system, and the certification scope was expanded to the Cold Rolled Plate Project, obtaining a new certificate.

   As the COVID-19 pandemic kept resurging, the Company's Party Committee made advance predictions and scientific arrangements, and led the majority of cadres and workers to build a strong defensive line, thereby securing victory in production, management and the fight against COVID-19.

     The Company will continue to adhere to the innovation-driven and "quality+ service" development strategy, aim at high-quality development, focus on leading development with high-end products and product structure adjustment, and cultivate Shougang’s auto plate products into a world-renowned business card of China's steel industry.

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