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Shougang Shuicheng Steel (Group) Co., Ltd

Shougang Shuicheng Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shuigang) is a holding company of Shougang Group, located in the northwest of Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province, covering an area of 14.5 square kilometers.

Shuigang was established in 1966 and is an important iron and steel enterprise in western China during the period of the “Third-Front Movement.” After more than 50 years of development, it has become the largest state-owned iron and steel joint enterprise in Guizhou Province, carrying weight in southwest China, which is mainly engaged in the iron and steel manufacturing industry and integrates various supporting industries such as mining, coal coking, import and export trade, automobile transportation, mechanical processing, construction and installation, and cement. The total assets of the enterprise are 12.5 billion yuan, with 8,600 employees and 3.5 million tons of steel production scale. The main equipment includes 1 blast furnace of 1,350m3 and 1 blast furnace of 2,500m3, 3 100t converters, 2 high-speed production lines of wire rod and 3 small continuous mills of bar. The products cover more than 20 series and more than 100 scales, such as long steel, building materials, high-strength steel, flexible wire steel, hard wire steel, welding steel, carbon-structured steel rods, and PC base steel. The use of products has expanded from solely for construction to silk making, rope making, machinery, hardware, automobile manufacturing and other industries. The products have won many titles such as National Inspection-free Product, Gold Cup Award for Metallurgical Products Quality, Well-known Manufacturer of Guizhou Province and so on; and have won the “Magnolia Cup” for two consecutive years as the most popular high-quality steel brand for construction. The enterprise enjoys good brand awareness and brand effectiveness in the southwest region of, whose products are widely used in a series of engineering projects such as infrastructure construction, urbanization construction and new rural construction, as the policy “development of the western region in” has been carried out.

The enterprise has won the honorary titles of “National Model Grass-roots Party Organization,” “May 1st Labor Medal,” “National Advanced Collective for Quality Work,” “National Outstanding Unit for Enterprise Culture Building,” “National Outstanding Unit for Enterprise Culture in 40 Years of Reform and Opening up” and so on, and is a five-star enterprise in Guizhou Province fulfilling its social responsibility. In 2012, the enterprise was included in the list of the first batch of 43 enterprises in line with the "Standardized Enterprises for Iron and Steel Operation and Production" by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

2018 is an important year for Shuigang to strengthen management and reform with keen determination, and also an important year to strengthen the foundation and build pillar industries. Over the past year, the Party Committee of Shuigang has firmly established the “Four Consciousnesses” and “Four Self-Confidences.” Based on the key tone of “survival and development,” it has united to lead all cadres and workers to actively work in the second fighting of “raising quality, improving efficiency.” Significant and profound changes have taken place in all aspects of work. The reformation of business department and large department system has improved efficiency and benefit. In addition, the construction of "green factory, intelligent factory, digital factory" and lean TPM management have been promoted. In the whole year, the enterprise has 64 patents authorized by the state, and 19 scientific and technological achievements have been commended. Four projects declared the science and technology projects of Liupanshui  City and Zhongshan District, and four projects declared the Shougang Science and Technology Progress Awards. The cutting technique of secondary steel anchor bolt with diameter of 20mm in this enterprise has become a domestic initiative. The development of PSB830 has made a breakthrough. The large-scale production of acid-free SWRH82B steel wire rod and large-sized HRB500E aseismic steel has been realized in batches. The enterprise produces hot-rolled ribbed steel bar based on new standards, and has achieved remarkable results in cost reduction and tackling key problems. In 2018, Shuigang achieved a profit of 378 million yuan, showing a good situation of increasing enterprise benefits, increasing employees’ income, and a declining asset-liability ratio for the first time in many years.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Shuigang put forward the new development strategy of “improving the main industry, strengthening the non-steel industry, driving with two wheels and flying with two wings” and the new industrial system of "1+6." Focusing on "improving the main industry and strengthening the non-steel industry", the enterprise aims at integrating into Guizhou’s economic and social development in an all-round way, building Shuigang into a dynamic and competitive comprehensive industrial group and regional first-class provider for a city’s comprehensive service of Shougang Group in Guizhou Province, and building Shuigang into a comprehensive steel and iron enterprise with high-quality development and competitive advantages in southwest China.

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