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Shougang Yili Steel Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1958, Shougang Yili Steel Co., Ltd. (‘Shougang Yigang’) grew out of the Xinyuan Steel Company of the Xinjiang Petroleum Administrative Bureau. In 2006 it was purchased by Hebei Qianjin Steel Group Co., Ltd. and reorganized as ‘Yili Xingyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.’, and in 2009 the Shougang Group integrated the steel enterprises in Yili and invested in and jointly established ‘Shougang Yili Steel Co., Ltd.’ with Tianjin Qianjin Industrial Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of RMB 1 billion. Shougang Yigang possesses the four subsidiaries of Kaihong Mining Industry, Tianyuan Coal and Coking, Jingou Coal Mine and Qikelike Coal Mine with total assets of RMB 6.2 billion and more than 3,000 employees. It has built an industrial chain integrating mining, beneficiation, coal mining, coking, furnace burden, puddling, steelmaking, and steel products, with the annual output of iron fine powder of 1.5 million tons, coke of 0.9 million tons, pig iron of 0.6 million tons, and billet of 0.6 million tons. Its upstream products include iron fine power (grade 62.81%) and coke (thermal state 30, 40), and its downstream products include billets of 240×150 type, 180×150 type, and 150×150 type, mill coils of Q195/Q215/Q235/Q345B— (144-272) x (1.5-3.5) type, hot-rolled middle-wide flat steel of Q195/Q215/Q235/Q345B— (350-720) x (1.5-12) type, and straight slit ratio-frequency welded tubes and square tubes of Φ20-219 mm.

The main facilities of Shougang Yigang include two blast furnaces (206m3 and 410m3), a 72m2 marching type sintering machine, an oxygen production unit of 6,500 Nm3/h, a gas-burning metallurgy lime kiln, 2 basic oxygen furnaces of 40 tons, 2 continuous square blank casting machines, 1 slab caster, a 550 rolling mill belt steel and coking plant production line, and 2 coke ovens of 0.45 million tons. In 2011, Yigang commenced its ‘filling up the gaps’ technical improvement project, and to date the 0.8 million t/y chain-comb machine rotary kiln pellet production line, 0.8 million t/y 850 middle-width band production line, 0.15 million t/y 219 high frequency longitudinal welded pipe production line, 500 t/d sleeve lime kiln, steel-making renovation project, 50,000m3 converter gasometer, 12,000m3 per day sewage treatment station, stock ground, roads, power transport network and other supporting facilities have all been completed.

Shougang Yigang implements the general manager responsibility system led by the board of directors, including the 15 functional departments of the office, finance and accounting division, manufacturing department, quality testing and metering department, safety and environmental protection department, equipment department, raw materials purchasing department, sales department, mineral resources department, engineering department, human resource department, enterprise management information department, auditing and checking department, power management center and materials management center, and the 3 factory institutions of the iron-making department, steel-rolling department and welded pipe factory.

Facing the future, Shougang Yigang will scrupulously abide by the general requirement of the Party Central Committee to take a new road to industrialization, and the total planning and strategy deployment of the Shougang Group, firmly take the sustainable development road in ecological environment and resource development, follow the management principles of people first, practicability, innovation, honesty, integrity and harmonious development, aim at high efficiency, high benefits, high quality and low costs, make efforts to build a garden-type benchmark enterprise with security, high efficiency, a beautiful environment and highly economical operations, and make new and greater contributions to the stable development of Xinjiang.

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