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Shougang Marketing Co., Ltd

   Shougang Marketing Co., Ltd. mainly undertakes the sales and services of steel products with "one business in three places" (Shougang Qian'an Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shougang Cold Rolling Co., Ltd.), and performs the professional management function of Shougang's steel and iron marketing business. It has five administrative departments, namely the Marketing Management Department, Customer and Product Service Department, Hot Plate Sales Department, Cold Plate Sales Department and Automobile Plate Sales Department, are responsible for managing Beijing Shougang Investment Management Co., Ltd. and its subordinate steel trading companies and processing centers, and hosting Beijing Shougang Metal Co., Ltd.

   Shougang's steel products with "one business in three places" form a series of plate products with complete varieties and matching specifications, including cold-rolled plates, hot-rolled plates, pickling plates, medium and heavy plates, galvanized plates, tin plates, color-coated plates, Al-Zn alloy coated steel plates, etc. They are widely used in automobiles, household appliances, energy equipment, machinery manufacturing, naval architecture and marine engineering, metal products, infrastructure and other industries, serving the national development strategy and national key projects, as well as the national economy and the people's livelihood. At present, Shougang Co., Ltd. has established strong and stable cooperative relations with 19 Fortune 500 enterprises and 36 top 500 enterprises in China. By virtue of its excellent product quality and customer service, it has successively won the "Quality Excellence Award" of BMW Brilliance, "Sincere Partner Award" from Great Wall Motor, "Deeply Cultivated Excellent Supplier" from Dongfeng Honda, "Shortlisted Award of Excellent Supplier" from SAIC Volkswagen, "CSP Outstanding Contribution Award" from Dongfeng Nissan, "Leading Innovation Award" from Haier, "Technological Innovation Award" from Hisense and "Best Technical Cooperation Award" from Benteler. In 2022, it won 16 awards such as the "Special Contribution Award" from BYD, "Partner Progress Award" from FAW-Volkswagen, "Best Partner Award" from Geely Automobile and "Excellent Supplier" from CIMC and the China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group, and received thank-you letters from 31 companies including Shaanxi Automobile and Julong Steel Pipe for its epidemic prevention and control measures, supply guarantee and win-win cooperation. The recognition of Shougang's "Manufacturing + Service" continues to improve.

   Adhering to Shougang Marketing's concept of "customer first, honesty foremost, extreme refinement and devotion to innovation" in the new era, Shougang Marketing has built a national marketing service system covering Northeast China, East China, South China, North China, Central China and Southwest China to provide customers with personalized steel distribution services. Through the investment of Beijing Shougang Steel Trade Investment Management Co., Ltd., five regional companies and four offices have been established in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shandong, Tianjin and Wuhan, and 11 processing centers have been built with 20 million tons of steel marketing service capacity and 2 million tons of high-end cold-rolled automobile plate processing and distribution capacity. Shougang Marketing and the R&D and manufacturing professionals form a three-level service system featuring a customer service team with efficient coordination, division of labor and cooperation, complementary advantages and fast services to meet the individualized needs of customers.

     Shougang Marketing will always take customer demand as the guide, industrial chain extension as the forerunner and technology as the support to realize the development of Shougang's steel industry in the extension process and create first-class marketing objectives in the transformation process, wholeheartedly providing its friends from all walks of life with the highest-quality products and services.

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